Pep raises Haaland the brutal legs point to more shots. if not substituted

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Top shooting stars! The Manchester City boss has admitted he never thought Erling Haaland would score a new Premier League record if he hadn’t been substituted. But there is also a reason for it to be replaced.

from Erling Harland, the Norwegian striker of the team “The Blues” Manchester City, a giant club in English Premier League football since coming to football in the British Isles. Explodes the ultimate form, scoring goals until recently adding a new record of the English Premier League after scoring 35 goals in the game The agency opened the house to beat West Ham United 3-0 in a decisive victory on Wednesday.

Pep raises Haaland the brutal legs point to more shots. if not substituted

In that game, Erling Haaland scored a goal for the team. “The Blues” moved 2-0 in the 70th minute, counting as the 35th goal in Premier League football. make him become The player who scored the most goals per season in history premier league football This surpassed the previous record held by Andy Cole’s 34 goals in 1993-94 and Alan Shearer’s 34 goals in 1994-95.  

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola revealed: “Haaland is only 22 years old, but what he does is unbelievable. There are still 5 games left to play this season. Think about how many games I decided to take him out of the game. After he scored a hat-trick in 60 minutes, in fact he could have scored more goals.”

“The fact that I decided to change him. That’s because if he’s on the field, he might be at risk of getting injured. Before, I thought he would score a lot of goals. But don’t even think about setting a new record by breaking Cole and Shearer’s record, and I believe that. He must be able to break his own record. Or someone can do it instead. But you have to score a lot of goals. Because he’s really great. Congratulations to him, ”said the Blue Sailing coach.

Erling Haaland has scored 51 goals in 45 appearances for Manchester City in all competitions this UFABET season.