8 ways to prevent noise from next room So quiet you can meditate

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Problems with noise from adjacent rooms or the room next to it It is a common problem, especially in residential buildings or offices. The cause of noise from adjacent rooms can be caused by many factors, such as the density of the walls. and there is little ground Material used to make walls and the floor does not absorb sound well, etc.

8 ways to prevent noise from next room So quiet you can meditate

When this problem occurs, it makes residents feel less private. Getting disturbed especially when wanting to rest which may affect stress and overall health However, if it becomes more severe, it may affect relationships, causing arguments with family members or neighbors.

Therefore, we would like to recommend 8 ways to prevent noise from next room as follows:

1. Close cracks along the wall. Because of the noise from the next room Can pass through various cracks.
2. Move the plug holes so they don’t match. If the electrical plug holes in our room match other rooms The sound from that room was able to pass through the plug into our room.
3. Install sound absorbing panels. Using sound-absorbing panels can help make the ยูฟ่าเบท room quieter.
4. Investigate gaps in the floor and walls. If there are gaps in those areas, fix them by closing those gaps.
5. Close the gap at the bottom of the door. Another gap at the bottom of the door.
One way to make noise from next room Can pass through
6. Install a ceiling with sound insulation. Currently, there are ceilings with sound-absorbing insulation. We can use this to help solve the problem.
7. Wardrobes, curtains, etc. are considered the use of fabric to help absorb sound. which will solve the problem better
8. Put up a bookshelf Setting up a bookshelf solves the problem of noise from next room. with the principle of soundproofing and sound absorbent It’s also more effective when the bookshelves are dense. Therefore, if you want to use a soundproof bookshelf, you should choose to place thick books on it. And it’s a lot. Also, the bookshelf should be placed as close to the wall as possible.